Hilton, Hyatt and Others Pull Back the Curtain on Making Hygiene More Than Theater

NeferJanah Meistrup  / Wikimedia

Critics argue safety measures like temperature checks are more theatrical than effective against the spread of coronavirus. Hotel brands say they help build guest confidence. NeferJanah Meistrup / Wikimedia

Skift Take: Strong communication and decision-making power at the local level are key to making heightened hotel cleaning measures succeed in an ever-changing pandemic information environment.

— Cameron Sperance

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What Happens When a Massive Wave of Hotels Default?

ThreeIfByBike  / Flickr

Some hotels like Chicago’s Palmer House (pictured) are facing foreclosure, but real estate attorneys see alternative options for struggling owners. ThreeIfByBike / Flickr

Skift Take: The hotel industry is struggling under months of cratered occupancy and revenue. But there may be a way to avoid foreclosure with the bank — as long as your hotel was doing fine before the pandemic.

— Cameron Sperance

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JetBlue Founder Delays Launch of His New Airline to 2021 Starting in Southeastern U.S.

Breeze Airways

A Breeze Airways Embraer E195. The airline expects to start flying in 2021. Breeze Airways

Skift Take: At some point, the U.S. airline industry will have a robust recovery. But given the depth of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is unlikely this will happen next year. Breeze Airways may have a rough go at first.

— Brian Sumers

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Disney to Lay Off 28,000 U.S. Theme Park Workers and Others as Covid Takes Its Toll


The world had been watching how Disney looks to successfully bring back large crowds to its theme parks in the coronavirus era. That’s much less certain now. Skift

Skift Take: Analysts had been predicting the Mouse House may not return to last year’s profit levels until 2025. These painful job cuts seemed inevitable.

— Tom Lowry

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Meet the Springsteen Fans Who Created Tours That Bring the Star’s Legend to Life

Craig O'Neal  / Wikipedia

Bruce Springsteen performing with drummer Max Weinberg behind him, on the Magic Tour stop at Veterans Memorial Arena, Jacksonville, Florida, August 15, 2008. Celebrity tourism isn’t new, but these two have certainly carved out a unique niche. Craig O’Neal / Wikipedia

Skift Take: While celebrity tourism isn’t new, these two guides have certainly carved out a unique niche in covering Springsteen’s origins at the Jersey Shore. Small and genuine experiences like the tours they offer may outperform generic, mass-market offerings during the travel sector’s recovery.

— Sean O’Neill

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