Cancun Airport Private Transfer Options

Cancun Airport Private Transfer Options

Arrival at the Cancun Airport in Mexico is always an interesting experience. Usually, immigration and customs are a breeze, but once you leave that area and head towards the exit, this is when things get hectic. When it comes to Cancun airport transportation, many visitors find the process to be a real headache.

It begins with passing a dozen or so rental car and other transportation desks, where the staff will undoubtedly start calling out to you to try and get your attention. Then, a minute later, you enter the welcome hall, where dozens of semi-official looking people will start approaching you, also trying to convince you to use all kinds of transportation services to reach your hotel, Airbnb or wherever you might be staying.

It’s confusing, it can be intense and it’s not a very relaxing way to start any trip to Mexico.

On the other hand, you could always book private Cancun airport transportation in advance, using a reputable company that is known for prompt and professional service and excellent pricing. This is especially useful if you are traveling in a group of 2 or more people as the cost will work out much cheaper than shared transportation.

Private transportation from Cancun airport is also the easiest and quickest way to get out of the airport and be on your way. You just want to make sure the company you choose for your private transfer gives you one clear price so that you are not surprised by any hidden charges.

If you choose this method, you simply walk through the throngs of people trying to pressure you to use their services, head straight for the exit, go outside and then you’ll find your private driver waiting for you. You’ll get right into your comfortable car or van and off you’ll go, without any hassle at all. This works whether you are going to Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos, Akumal or even Tulum, or anywhere else in the Riviera Maya region.

In the end, if you book a transfer at the airport, you need to be really careful if you want to avoid being overcharged. And you also need to give yourself plenty of time as it can take a while to choose a company, pay at the desk and find your vehicle, all while hoping that you didn’t get ripped off.

Obviously, if you’ve just flown in from another country, the last thing you’ll want to do is hang out at the airport for extra time trying to figure out how to get to your accommodation. Doesn’t spending more time on a white sand beach sound so much better?

Have a wonderful, hassle-free trip to beautiful Mexico!

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